A Maine Island Studio

One-of-a-kind pieces of

fine jewelry.

Individually hand-formed.

Numbered and signed

by the artist.

A Maine Island Studio

Southport Silver

Fine Silver "Relationships" Pendant.

On Black Leather Bracelet

Relationship Earrings

Fine Silver Anticlastic Forms

Style #1

Relationship Earrings

Fine Silver Anticlastic Forms  Style #4

Relationship Pendant

Large: approx

Relationship Pendant

With Sterling Silver Chain

Relationship Pendant

Medium: approx.


Hand-formed in Fine Silver.

"Relationships" Collection

The perfect gift to honor a birthday, graduation, engagement, anniversary, wedding,

or a special "just because" moment.

After all, "Life is all about relationships"

A trademarked design by Southport Silver.

Each pendant is hand-formed with it's own personality!