A Maine Island Studio

Southport Silver

Sterling Silver Bangle

Fine Silver Shell

On Black Leather Bracelet.

The New Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with a Fine Silver Sea Star

Sterling Silver Forged Cuff

Textured Disks in

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Cuffs

See photo below to size

Hammered Copper Cuff

Size: small, medium, large

Sizing guide

Cuff Bracelets

Forged Bracelets in Copper & Sterling Silver

Hand-formed using Traditional Silversmithing Techniques.

A Maine Island Studio

One-of-a-kind pieces of

fine jewelry.

Individually hand-formed.

Numbered and signed

by the artist.

The New Sterling Silver Adjustable Bracelet with a Fine Silver Sea Star

The New "Relationships" Pendant

On Black Leather Bracelet